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Finally There is a Pill, Taken Once A Day That Can Cure Your Psoriasis, and it Costs Just Pennies A Day!

The Amazing Part About This Is This Pill Has Been Around For Over 30 Years Yet You, Your Doctor, Even Your Dermatologist Have Likely Never Heard About It!

Psoriasis Cure Pill Book Cover

A Special Report was released recently that is blowing the lid off of psoriasis treatments. This Special Report exposes the FDA approved drug that has been around for over 30 years, yet hardly anyone in the medical community is aware of it because 1) they don’t know about it, and 2) they can’t make any money from it as it’s a very inexpensive, generic pill!

The market for this pill is huge, billions of dollars at less than $1.00 a pill, but if you know anything about drug companies, if they can’t patent it, have exclusivity for years, and charge an exorbitant amount of money for it, they wont bother, regardless of how effective it is. They would rather sell you on a very expensive biologic drug with nasty side effects and questionable results!

Psoriasis Cure Pill

We’re blowing the lid off this information Right Now. Order today and You will receive this unknown information on the once-a-day psoriasis cure pill for just $14.97

Your report in PDF format will be delivered to you INSTANTLY, No waiting on the postal service! Click the “Add to Cart” button below and be one of the first to receive this breakthrough information along with where you can get the pills for just pennies and cure your psoriasis once and for all!

What’s different about this medication is that rather than treating the psoriasis symptoms, or totally shutting down your immune system as the biologics do, this pill actually gets to the root cause of the problem, your immune system, BUT DOES NOT SHUT IT DOWN!

Basically it makes your immune system operate in a normal fashion and stops the vicious psoriasis cycle. There are virtually no side effects reported other than some minor sleep issues during the first week of taking the daily pill. It is safe and very effective!


Q. Why are you charging money for this report? Just tell me the name of the pill!

A. While the drug is FDA approved, it is not approved specifically for treating psoriasis so it is prescribed “off label”. Unfortunately not many people in the medical community, especially Dermatologists are aware of it. The drug usually has to be “compounded” by your local pharmacy but we do provide you with a source that actually produces the pill in the correct dosage, and you can order without a prescription!

Q. Is this pill available where I live? I don’t want to order online…

A. The pills are available worldwide and likely right in your neighborhood. We do not sell the pills, only the Special Report that provides you all the information on what the pill is, what it does, where, and how to get the pills with or without a prescription! That’s worth much more than the $14.95 price for the report.

Q. Is this an old report with outdated information?

A. The Special Report was just updated and you will receive the 2015 Edition.

Q. Is the pill methotrexate or soriatane?

A. Nope! As I stated earlier, hardly anyone about this. It is NOT a drug commonly used for treating psoriasis and it is not listed or approved by the FDA for treating psoriasis. It is prescribed “off label” and has been proven to be extremely effective for health conditions involving the immune system such as psoriasis.

Q. Are you a Doctor, Dermatologist, or a Chiropractor?

A. I am none of the above. I suffered from moderate to severe psoriasis for over 25 years. I have spent decades researching this disease and probably know more about it than just about anyone in the world. I have been clear and in remission from psoriasis for over 10 years now. I published the #1 selling book on treating psoriasis, Say Goodbye To Psoriasis in 2003. I recommend using the treatment program described in it and adding the psoriasis cure pill should speed up the clearing and remission process.

Q. Will the psoriasis cure pill cure my psoriasis in 3 days or a week?

A. Absolutely Not! Anyone who tells you they can “cure” your psoriasis in days is flat out lying to you! Obviously everyone’s condition is different in severity but most people can obtain success in 30 – 60 days. We offer the best and the fastest working program available anywhere, and have since 2003.

Q. What if I’m not happy with the information I receive?

A. We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We’re confidant that you will find the information to be worth much more than you paid for it, along with being the best solution for your psoriasis condition!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We Offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on this Special Report. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the information you receive, simply email us at the address on your receipt and we will promptly refund your purchase. Product must be Deleted from your computer or device it is saved on. Your purchase is Risk Free!

Thanks For Your Time & Best Wishes,

Jim Longnecker

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